Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) on the Gold Coast

What is CFT?

Compassion focused therapy (CFT) is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help people who suffer from shame and self-criticism, often due to early experiences of abuse or neglect. CFT teaches clients to develop compassion for themselves and others, which can enhance their emotional well-being and resilience.

Who is CFT for?

CFT has been proven effective for treating various psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, and psychosis. CFT can also benefit people who struggle with anger, body image, or self-esteem issues.

How does CFT work? 

CFT is based on the idea that the human brain has evolved three emotion regulation systems:

  1. The THREAT system, which actives feelings of fear, anger, or disgust.
  2. The DRIVE system, which motivates us to pursue resources, rewards, or goals.
  3. The SOOTHING system, which promotes feelings of safety, calmness, and connection.

CFT helps clients to balance these systems by cultivating the soothing system through Compassionate Mind Training (CMT). CFT integrates insights from different disciplines and traditions, such as evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism.

Mindwindow Psychology operates on Yugambeh Country, we acknowledge and pay respect to the land and the traditional families of the Yugambeh region of South East Queensland, including the Kombumerri, Mununjali, Wangerriburra and others, and their Elders past present and emerging.


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